Marriage and Family

Counseling Services

Love & Willis Family Counseling, LLC offers a wealth of counseling services that are vital in strengthening your mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Whether you are in need of individual help, or desire to enrich your marriage and family, Dr. Teri has the compassion and  training needed to reach your goals.

Dr. Teri is licensed, board certified and highly skilled at helping couples restore their marriages and family. The primary focus is on strengthening communication and conflict resolution skills.  Countless couples and families have been reconnected, restored and are enjoying healthy, vibrant relationships.

Dr. Teri is also licensed and board certified in child and adolescent counseling. Through play therapy and gentle commuication, she reaches the hearts of children, tweens and teens. She is brillant at connecting with adolescents and highly skilled at strengthening their self-esteem, in a fun and friendly environment. Dr. Teri helps teens work through personal issues in a confidential environment ensuring a healthy transition into early adulthood.

Individual Counseling is available for those who are simply looking for a compassionate, listening ear or are in need of life coaching and/ or mentoring.  Dr. Teri helps people of all ages to refocus on their own divine destiny, with a greater sense of hope and purpose in life. 

Love & Willis, LLC fee schedule


The Arno Profile System (APS) temperament inventory brings understanding of your core temperament needs and strengths in three areas: inclusion, control and affection. It is very helpful in bringing understanding of your own temperament, as well as comparing and contrasting it to your spouse's and your childrens'. APS temperament results include a list of personal recommendations, based on your own unique temperament.  Parents with children ages 7-17 will be provided with a list of parental recommendations.  


*Love & Willis utilizes a sliding scale for individuals and families in need of financial assistance based on income & family size

Corporate Rates:
APS temperament testing           $100/ person
Individual session                       $200/person/60min,                                                               $250/person/90min
Group training/ lectures              $500/hour                 

Crisis and ABuse

Those in need of help to fully recover from trauma and crises will find comfort and guidance to begin healing from the inside out. Dr. Teri specializes in spiritual empowerment, confidence building and emotional strengthening. 

Child and Adolescent

Corporate training

Employers who are willing to invest in their employees by helping them pursue and reach their personal dreams, send a clear message of caring for them as individuals. The more your team sees your heart and experiences your caring, the more they care about doing a great job for you.

A) Training to help employees understand how to reach their clients, based on temperament traits.

B) Corporate Dream manager : A dream manager provides counseling, encouragement and support for your team of employees; encourages employees who are shut down to dream; helps your team set personal short & long-term goals in the following areas: marital, relational, emotional, physical, financial, nutritional and spiritual. They also provide personal accountability to keep them on track in the pursuit of reaching their goals.

Individual Rates
APS Testing: $100 per person [one time fee]
Counseling Sessions: $125/hour*